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Ten Thousand Home Transactions Since 2009! Join Our Team

Coldwell Banker Innovations have exceeded 10,000 home transactions since 2009 when founders Brian Flook and Clarence Horst first purchased the company.
Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC president and CEO Budge Huskey: “Reaching such a significant milestone is certainly a worthy achievement. Buyers and sellers will only work with companies and agents they know to provide outstanding value and clearly they have voted a resounding ‘Yes’ to Coldwell Banker Innovations. By assembling an amazing team, Clarence and Brian have provided the full range of resources available. These two real estate professionals have assembled an amazing team by clearly providing their sales associates the capability to provide outstanding resources for their clients.”
From the inception, Coldwell Banker Innovations was designed to combine Clarence’s real estate expertise in tandem with Brian’s marketing skills to create a team that could provide the area with qualified, comprehensive and professional real estate specialists and services.
Achieving 10,000 home transactions is a huge milestone in the development of Coldwell Banker Innovations. The ongoing success of the entire team was recently noted by an award from Coldwell Banker recognizing CBI as the number one independently owned branch in Maryland based on revenue—five years in a row. With offices in Hagerstown and Frederick, along with the new cafe-style office in Greencastle, Pennsylvania, CBI is the leader in growing the career of local real estate agents.
When asked about the enormous success of CBI, Clarence stated, “ “We went into this business venture as two men whose combined skills we hoped could create an amazing real estate experience for the people in the quad-state community. Now, five years later, we’re realizing exactly how true that vision really is. We have an incredible team of hard-working real-estate agents in Maryland and Pennsylvania who have learned how to make the real estate experience fun, and that’s exactly what we’re striving to do.”

Hagerstown Maryland Properties


Some of the most desirable real estate investments in the greater Tri-State Area can be found in the dynamic city of Hagerstown. Located less than 60 miles northwest of Washington D.C. and experiencing remarkable expansion, this city is one to watch for the future. The Hagerstown Maryland property market continually impresses buyers and investors with its convenient location, quality lifestyle, and thriving commercial and industrial climate that show promise of considerable long-term regional growth and development. 

Often referred to as “Hub City” because of its accessibility via major transit corridors, and a conveniently located regional airport, the city of Hagerstown offers residents a prime location from which to enjoy the entire Tri-State Area. In the city itself, you will find a cosmopolitan environment that boasts excellent restaurants, world-class shopping opportunities, a thriving art and culture scene including a brand new performing arts high school called the Barbara Ingram School for the Performing Arts, several parks and museums, and a bustling nightlife. Residents of Hagerstown Maryland properties also benefit from superb recreational opportunities such as baseball, swimming and golf. 

But while the Hagerstown population of almost 40,000 enjoys the considerable urban conveniences that come with expanding business and residential activity, they also benefit from easy access to the picturesque, semi-rural landscapes that surround the city. Only a short drive away from their homes, residents of Hagerstown can experience a pastoral setting of rolling hills, dairy farms, cornfields, and fruit orchards. 

With so much to offer, the Hagerstown Maryland property market continues to beckon buyers and investors from across the country. It is not difficult to see why. 

To learn more about Hagerstown Maryland property, contact us here at Coldwell Banker Innovations. We are the leading residential brokerage team for Washington County and look forward to assisting you in all your real estate transactions in this exciting region.

Hagerstown Maryland Homes

The city of Hagerstown is a vibrant, urban jewel in western Maryland. As one of the most rapidly growing metropolitan areas in the Maryland, this is an exciting place to live and work. The city is widely considered to be the most important commercial and industrial hub for most of Western Maryland, South Central Pennsylvania and the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, and so it is perhaps no great surprise that Hagerstown Maryland homes are desirable residences for anyone seeking a superior lifestyle in the greater Tri-State Area.

Apart from being modern and progressive,Hagerstown also has a rich historic atmosphere dating back to the 1700’s. When you search for a residence here you will therefore find everything from historic or vintage single-family Hagerstown Maryland homes,townhomes and condos, to newer custom homes inside master planned communities. Choose between living on a quiet tree-lined street, or a busy downtown street with galleries, cafes and clubs on your doorstep – in Hagerstown nearly anything is possible. 

Since Hagerstown enjoys a superior Maryland location with excellent highway connections and commuter trains that take residents easily and comfortably to Baltimore, Bethesda and Washington D.C., the city holds great appeal with professionals and their families. But this charming and thriving urban hub welcomes everyone – no matter what lifestyle you enjoy, Hagerstown Maryland homes present comfortable, quality living at its very best.

To learn more about Hagerstown Maryland homes, contact us here at Coldwell Banker Innovations. We are the leading residential brokerage team for Washington County and look forward to assisting you in all your real estate transactions in this exciting region.

Real Estate Agent Hagerstown

Hagerstown is an extraordinary city in Washington County, Maryland. Currently undergoing one of the most exciting urban growth expansions in the nation, this historic metropolis is quickly becoming one of the most prominent commercial hubs in the greater Tri-State Area. Finding your ideal home on the Hagerstown property market is an exciting venture, but also a multifaceted challenge. The many neighborhoods within this city each have their own personality, and the wide-ranging style and architecture of Hagerstown MD homes for sale can be overwhelming without the input and advice of a professional. By teaming up with an experienced real estate agent in Hagerstown, someone that has a strong and very localized focus, you can turn your home search into a pleasant and rewarding enterprise. 

You may take your first steps towards learning more about Hagerstown online. But as you get more serious about launching a home search you will soon realize how invaluable a dedicated real estate agent for Hagerstown is to your process. For example: While an internet search may offer you general information on schools and academic institutions, a realtor is likely able to tell you more about the teaching culture and the different top-ranked programs at each school and even inform you of new learning or training opportunities in the area – such as the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts, a new and much anticipated establishment set to open its doors in downtown Hagerstown in Q3 2009. 

Apart from offering you crucial neighborhood and lifestyle information, a knowledgeable and well-connected property professional can help you quickly and easily identify homes that match all your needs and wants. He or she can then guide you through each step towards securing your home, and offer valuable local connections with banks, lawyers, inspectors or builders. In essence, when you search for a home here nobody can make a greater difference to your success than the right, localized real estate agent in Hagerstown. 

If you are searching for a leading real estate agent in Hagerstown, contact us here at Coldwell Banker Innovations. We are the leading residential brokerage team for Washington County and look forward to assisting you in all your real estate transactions in this exciting region.

Hagerstown MD Homes For Sale

Drive through Hagerstown MD and you will discover a perfect blend of historic charm and modern progress. Since the city was founded in 1762 it has been a strategic stronghold for commerce and industry thanks to its ideal location close to both Baltimore and Washington D.C.. Today Hagerstownis still a major hub for this region, but the cityscape is being revitalized more rapidly than ever before. New developments for housing, retail and various businesses are appearing in the midst of the city’s older, majestic architecture – creating an environment that combines contemporary and rustic influences into a truly diverse living environment. As a result, homebuyers searching Hagerstown MD homes for sale will find everything from stately colonials to modern custom properties in this fascinating real estate market. 

Apart from a visually vibrant cityscape that is full of historic sites and modern architectural marvels, prospective buyers of Hagerstown MD homes for sale will discover this city offers access to world-class recreational opportunities and amenities. Located inside the Great Appalachian Valley and close to the Potomac River, Hagerstown offers hiking, biking, camping, fishing, whitewater-rafting and other exciting outdoors fun nearby. 

When they are not outside pursuing sports, residents can take in some of the many stately Civil War sites or enjoy fine culture in establishments such as the renowned Maryland Theatre that calls Hagerstown home. Lovely dining, premier outlet shopping and fun leisurely entertainment in the form of speedway or drag way racing, is also available in this wonderfully varied and unique place. 

To learn more about Hagerstown MD homes for sale, contact us here at Coldwell Banker Innovations. We are the leading residential brokerage team for Washington County and look forward to assisting you in all your real estate transactions in this exciting region.