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Ten Thousand Home Transactions Since 2009! Join Our Team

Coldwell Banker Innovations have exceeded 10,000 home transactions since 2009 when founders Brian Flook and Clarence Horst first purchased the company.
Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC president and CEO Budge Huskey: “Reaching such a significant milestone is certainly a worthy achievement. Buyers and sellers will only work with companies and agents they know to provide outstanding value and clearly they have voted a resounding ‘Yes’ to Coldwell Banker Innovations. By assembling an amazing team, Clarence and Brian have provided the full range of resources available. These two real estate professionals have assembled an amazing team by clearly providing their sales associates the capability to provide outstanding resources for their clients.”
From the inception, Coldwell Banker Innovations was designed to combine Clarence’s real estate expertise in tandem with Brian’s marketing skills to create a team that could provide the area with qualified, comprehensive and professional real estate specialists and services.
Achieving 10,000 home transactions is a huge milestone in the development of Coldwell Banker Innovations. The ongoing success of the entire team was recently noted by an award from Coldwell Banker recognizing CBI as the number one independently owned branch in Maryland based on revenue—five years in a row. With offices in Hagerstown and Frederick, along with the new cafe-style office in Greencastle, Pennsylvania, CBI is the leader in growing the career of local real estate agents.
When asked about the enormous success of CBI, Clarence stated, “ “We went into this business venture as two men whose combined skills we hoped could create an amazing real estate experience for the people in the quad-state community. Now, five years later, we’re realizing exactly how true that vision really is. We have an incredible team of hard-working real-estate agents in Maryland and Pennsylvania who have learned how to make the real estate experience fun, and that’s exactly what we’re striving to do.”

Hagerstown Maryland Properties


Some of the most desirable real estate investments in the greater Tri-State Area can be found in the dynamic city of Hagerstown. Located less than 60 miles northwest of Washington D.C. and experiencing remarkable expansion, this city is one to watch for the future. The Hagerstown Maryland property market continually impresses buyers and investors with its convenient location, quality lifestyle, and thriving commercial and industrial climate that show promise of considerable long-term regional growth and development. 

Often referred to as “Hub City” because of its accessibility via major transit corridors, and a conveniently located regional airport, the city of Hagerstown offers residents a prime location from which to enjoy the entire Tri-State Area. In the city itself, you will find a cosmopolitan environment that boasts excellent restaurants, world-class shopping opportunities, a thriving art and culture scene including a brand new performing arts high school called the Barbara Ingram School for the Performing Arts, several parks and museums, and a bustling nightlife. Residents of Hagerstown Maryland properties also benefit from superb recreational opportunities such as baseball, swimming and golf. 

But while the Hagerstown population of almost 40,000 enjoys the considerable urban conveniences that come with expanding business and residential activity, they also benefit from easy access to the picturesque, semi-rural landscapes that surround the city. Only a short drive away from their homes, residents of Hagerstown can experience a pastoral setting of rolling hills, dairy farms, cornfields, and fruit orchards. 

With so much to offer, the Hagerstown Maryland property market continues to beckon buyers and investors from across the country. It is not difficult to see why. 

To learn more about Hagerstown Maryland property, contact us here at Coldwell Banker Innovations. We are the leading residential brokerage team for Washington County and look forward to assisting you in all your real estate transactions in this exciting region.

Chambersburg Homes For Sale

If you have imagined living in a scenic valley at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, where fishing, hiking and bird watching is within easy reach, consider the lovely historic Pennsylvania community of Chambersburg. Chambersburg homes for sale are close to the expansive Caledonia State Parks, where you and your family can go trout fishing or camp along the famous Appalachian Trail. Or, in nearby Michaux State Forest you can explore more than 85,000 acres of lush, green fishing and hunting areas. Whether you come for the exercise, views, the fresh air or the wildlife, the opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors are endless here. 

Running through Chambersburg is the renowned trout stream known as Conococheague Creek. Conococheague Creek is a tributary of the Potomac River, which breaks off just north of Chambersburg. Residents of Chambersburg homes for sale are never far from this soothing, free flowing stream that pass through their community on its way towards Maryland. Apart from trout, Conococheague Creek is also known for its Smallmouth Bass, Warmouth and Rock Bass – although the section of the creek that is most readily available to Chambersburg residents is best known for fun, nighttime crayfish catching. 

From kayaking, whitewater-rafting, hiking and biking to bird and wildlife watching, this historic borough is ideally located to offer residents almost immediate access to some of the finest parks and trails in the country. So, whatever your outdoors passion, you must consider Chambersburg homes for sale – we are sure they will surpass your wildest dreams.

To learn more about Chambersburg homes for sale, contact us here at Coldwell Banker Innovations. We are the leading residential brokerage team for Franklin County and look forward to assisting you in all your real estate transactions in this exciting region.

Chambersburg PA Realty

When residents of Chambersburg PA realty are not enjoying the great outdoors in the nearby state park or soaking up some quality time on the area’s world class facilities, such as the championship Majestic Ridge Golf Course, they can often be found taking in the local Chambersburg arts and culture scene, shopping or meeting friends in one of the many local eateries and cafes. 

On the Chambersburg Main Street you will find the Capitol Theater – a movie palace that originally opened in 1927. In 2003, the palace was reopened to house the Capitol Theatre Center that includes the Capitol Theatre Main Stage and Auditorium, the Chambersburg Council for the Arts, the Chambersburg Ballet Theatre School, the Chambersburg Community Theatre and the Caledonia Theatre Company. Visitors from across the region join residents of Chambersburg PA realty to benefit from a wide range of quality performances, concerts and fundraising events inside the stunning historic facilities. 

In the historic district of Chambersburg shops, galleries and eateries flourish. This is an atmospheric neighborhood with many old buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Prospective buyers of Chambersburg PA realty who would love to live close to the heart of this community’s small-town, historic ambiance, should consider locations as close to this district as possible. 

When you live in the historic borough of Chambersburg you are in a vibrant community with a rich history and a wealth of cultural and social opportunities. Whether you are a theatre enthusiast, or simply love to window shop and socialize over coffee, it doesn’t get much better than this. 

To learn more about Chambersburg PA realty, contact us here at Coldwell Banker Innovations. We are the leading residential brokerage team for Franklin County and look forward to assisting you in all your real estate transactions in this exciting region.

Chambersburg Real Estate

Chambersburg is a lovely historic borough in South Central Pennsylvania. Located no more than 100 miles from world-class cities such as Washington D.C. and Baltimore, this conveniently situated community enjoys a strong local economy, a multitude of professional opportunities and a welcoming family-oriented lifestyle. Homebuyers in search of a new residence in the Tri-State Area will be pleased to know that the Chambersburg real estate market presents wonderful homes inside a historically rich and naturally beautiful landscape. 

Since the borough was settled in 1730, when water mills were being built on the local Conococheague Creek and Falling Spring Creek, this community has seen many dramatic events unfold. But despite a history that includes the French and Indian War, the Whiskey Rebellion and the Civil War, Chambersburg boasts numerous stunning historic sites that have survived everything from fires to invasions. The list of local buildings that are on the National Register of Historic Places is very impressive, and it includes everything from the entire Chambersburg Historic District to the Memorial Fountain and Statue in Memorial Square. 

Today, Chambersburg serves as the county seat for Franklin County – a thriving region that enjoys a healthy economy based on manufacturing, distribution and agriculture. The cost of living here is advantageous, and so is the lifestyle on offer for anyone who enjoys history, arts, culture and outdoors recreation. With so much to offer prospective homebuyers, it is perhaps no surprise that Chambersburg real estate properties are so popular. 

To learn more about Chambersburg real estate, contact us here at Coldwell Banker Innovations. We are the leading residential brokerage team for Franklin County and look forward to assisting you in all your real estate transactions in this exciting region.

Chambersburg Property

Chambersburg is a lovely, historical borough in Pennsylvania. Located only an hour away from both Washington D.C. and Baltimore, it holds great appeal with professionals that seek a more peaceful, family-oriented community away from the larger cities. Because of the rich local heritage, excellent learning environment and endless recreational opportunities, a Chambersburg property investment goes beyond purchasing a house, it is an investment in an exciting, inspiring lifestyle. 

Children who grow up in Chambersburg enjoy spectacular surroundings where they can practice sports like golf, baseball, swimming, kayaking and horse riding. Access to rare wildlife, birds and an incredible mountain and valley flora also makes every season a potential new adventure together with friends or family. Forests, streams and lakes present children of all ages with unique experiences fishing trout, bass and crayfish or simply learning about the importance of protecting the unique topography of the mountains and valleys of the Appalachian Mountains. 

The Chambersburg School District includes several public elementary schools, one middle school, one junior high school and one high school. Private schools in the area include a Catholic school, a private Christian kindergarten school and many other elementary schools of varying religious orientations. When it comes to higher education, Chambersburg is home to the private, Presbyterian oriented liberal arts women’s college Wilson College. Families looking to make a Chambersburg property investment should consult with their Chambersburg PA realtors to learn more about the local academic and other learning opportunities available. 

To learn more about Chambersburg property and the benefits of relocating here as a family, contact us here at Coldwell Banker Innovations. We are the leading residential brokerage team for Franklin County and look forward to assisting you in all your real estate transactions in this exciting region.

Chambersburg PA Realtors

A growing, historical borough inside Franklin County of Pennsylvania, Chambersburg is a magnificent place to call home. Living in his picturesque community means living less than one hour’s commute from Washington D.C. and Baltimore, yet also only a heartbeat away from the Blue Ridge Mountains and some of the most stunning alpine scenery in the country. Identifying the perfect home on the Chambersburg property market can at first seem like a exciting experience, but it can also prove to be a complex task. The sheer selection of Chambersburg homes for sale and the variety of local neighborhoods can be a challenge even for the savviest of homebuyers. By teaming up with a group of skilled Chambersburg PA realtors you can make confident decisions throughout your investment process. 

The Internet can be a great place to launch your own search for information, and help yourself gain a good overview of what is available. But when you take the more vital steps towards deciding on listings, only experienced Chambersburg PA realtors will do. After discussing all your wants, needs and requirements, a skilled realtor can help create a focused list of properties for your to consider – properties that match all your most important criteria and more. Together you will process this list, view homes and visit neighborhoods while learning more about your personal and practical attitude towards each location and property. 

The right Chambersburg PA realtors will be savvy experts of real estate investment technologies and tools, and they will be able to provide you with crucial lifestyle facts and advice that may affect your home purchase. Through their dedicated support, professional skill and integrity, and their undivided personal attention, the search for your Chambersburg dream home is sure to be an enjoyable journey towards success. 

If you are searching for a dedicated team of professional Chambersburg PA realtors, contact us here at Coldwell Banker Innovations. We are the leading residential brokerage team for Franklin County and look forward to assisting you in all your real estate transactions in this exciting region.